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The Best Ways to Add Value to a Home Through Home Renovation

Home renovations do not have to be intimidating. There are several easy and inexpensive ways that homeowners can increase the value of their homes. If done correctly, these renovations can yield a much higher rate of return for the seller, while pleasing the eye of the buyer.

3 Inexpensive Renovations That Yield a High Return

  1. The Power of Cohesion. Having cohesive fixtures throughout the house can make a dramatic difference towards its perceived value. Simply choosing a common design theme and applying it to all fixtures such as faucets, door knobs, drawer handles, and lighting, can provide the desired cohesive look.
  2. Curb Appeal. This is perhaps the simplest way to increase the value of a home. The outside of a home is how prospective buyers will form their first impression, make sure it is appealing. Taking care of the lawn, planting flowers, maintaining shrubs and bushes, and displaying attractive outdoor decor are all inexpensive ways to create more curb appeal.
  3. Basic Safety Improvements. Safety is an important factor for many homeowners, especially families. Inexpensive measures such as replacing a fiberglass door with a steel-reinforced door and replacing out-of-date garage doors with a safer version, can be taken to increase the value and make potential buyers feel more confident in the safety of the home.

Kitchens and Bathrooms: The Most Important Renovations

To many prospective buyers, there are two rooms that are the most important in terms of value: the kitchen and the bathroom. For kitchen renovations, it is important to focus on upgrading the floors and cabinetry. Avoid spending too much on appliances, as they will not yield as high a return on your investment. For bathrooms, choose modern fixtures and update mirrors and shower doors to add value to the home.

Choose a Dependable Residential Contractor for Your Home Renovation

The most important way for homeowners to increase the value of their home is to choose the right residential contractor to execute the home renovation. At All Seasons Quality Renovations we pride ourselves on being dependable, professional, and experienced. Homeowners looking for the right full-service residential contractor should contact us today!

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