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Handicap/Elder Modifications

Aging in Place Home Modifications

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"
As family members very often, we experience a feeling of helplessness from the inability to do more for our loved ones. We understand first hand the reality of caring for someone one who has suffered from a fall, has a disability or is simply a little slower than in years past. There are many factors to consider before "aging in place" home modifications are made.  
You don't have to go it alone.
We can help you! Most seniors and individuals living with disabilities prefer to continue living comfortably at home rather than moving. Fortunately, we have answers that will simplify life and reduce stress for you and your family. Our focus is helping our customers find the right mobility solution to get back to a safe, comfortable and independent lifestyle for a loved one.  

Here are some common services we provide include:

Grab Bars
  • All Shapes and Sizes
  • All Finishes: including Custom Painted Colors
  • Custom Configurations
  • Aging-In-Place Remodeling uses 6 different methods of installing bars and bath seats allowing us the flexibility of providing the strongest, most watertight installation possible
  • Portable Shower Grips
  • Fixed and Portable
  • All Sizes
  • Custom Built to Site Specifications
  • Small Ramps for Door and/or Shower Thresholds
  • All Sizes and Shapes
  • Custom Fabrication Available
  • Interior and/or Exterior
  • Wood or Metal
  • Door Widening Hinges
  • Pocket Doors
  • Automatic Door Operators
  • Easy-To-Use Door Handles and Locksets
Walk-In Tubs
  • Stainless Steel One-Piece Construction with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Fits into Standard Bathtub Space
  • Options for Air or Water Hydrotherapy with Heater
Barrier-Free Showers (Low or No Threshold)
  • Both ADA-Compliant and Barrier-Free
  • Large Variety of Shapes and Sizes Available
  • Many Design Options
  • Custom Tiled Showers also available
Toilets and Accessories
  • ADA Compliant Toilets
  • Automatic-Flushing Devices
  • Large Selection of Seating Options
  • Lifts
Sink and Shower Faucets
  • Anti-Scald Devices
  • Automated (Motion Sensing) Sink Faucets
  • Wheelchair Accessible Sinks and Vanities
  • Easy-To-Use Shower Heads
  • Shower Hoses in a Variety of Lengths and Finishes
  • Shower Systems: Multiple Showerheads
Shower Seats
  • All Shapes and Sizes
  • Mounted or Portable
  • Large Variety of Styles: Wood, Phenolic, Naugahyde, Aluminum
  • Adjustable: can be used by more than just one person
Bathtub Accessories
  • Tub Lifts
  • Traction Mats
  • A Large Selection of Tub-Mounted Handles and Rails
Kitchen Cabinets
  • ADA Compliant Cabinets (Higher Toekicks, Lower Countertops, etc.)
  • Roll-Out Shelving
  • Cabinet Lifts
  • Glass Front Upper Cabinets (increases Visibility)
Kitchen Appliances
  • ADA Compliant Appliances
  • Easy-To-Reach Controls
  • Dishwasher Elevated for Greater Accessibility
Kitchen Sinks and Faucets
  • Single Handle Control
  • Reduced Depth Sinks (for Wheelchair Access)
  • Sink and Counter lifts to Accommodate Different Heights
  • Easy-To-Reach Garbage Disposal Control
  • Additional Lighting Installed to Remove Dark Areas and Help Illuminate Transitions or Steps
  • Illuminated Switches
  • Lower or Raise Switches for Easier Accessibility
  • Increase Natural Light Sources: Install Windows, Skylights, Solar Tubes, etc.
  • Automated Lighting Systems
  • Motion Sensors: Interior and Exterior
  • Raise Outlet Heights
  • Additional Outlets at Front of Cabinets
  • Larger Electrical Panels (or Sub-Panels): Accommodates New Appliances, Medical Devices, Lifts, etc.
  • Generators: Back-Up Power in Case of Black Out
  • Anti-Scald Devices
  • Water Heaters
  • Foot Pedal Operated Faucets
  • Automated Thermostats
  • Whole House A/C Units and/or Single Room Units
  • Programmable Whole House Fans
  • Ceiling Fans w/ Remotes
  • Installation of all Types of Flooring
  • Anti-Slip Coatings
  • Backer Pads: Secures Rugs from Moving
  • Step Highlighting
  • Caregiver Cameras: be able to view what is happening in the house from any computer
  • Door Cameras: see who is at the door from your computer on closed-circuit television
  • Variety of Door and/or Phone devices for Sensory Impaired
  • Trip/Fall Alarms
  • Patient Lifts
  • Stair Lifts
  • All Phases of Landscape Work
  • Low or No Maintenance Landscapes
  • Pathway Lighting
  • Concrete Walkways