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Kitchen Remodel News: Grey is the New White?

When homeowners ask me what I think about a potential kitchen remodel layout or storage options, I will never hold back with giving my feedback. After the homeowner is thrilled with the layout and accessories, etc... I hear the following question: "Which cabinet color should we go with?". This is when I smile and simply say "This is your home. You will look at it every day moving forward so you need to make that decision.   While a kitchen remodel does add value and may enable the house to sell sooner than later, my advice is to get what you love. If you are planning to stay for the foreseeable future, don't think about resale as much as what you are passionate about. If you really love the white, go with white. If you love the grey, go with grey! There will be a large pool of buyers regardless of what color you pick. And if you love salad green color...a buyer can always paint over them!            



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