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How to plan for a kitchen remodel 

  • Budget. Know the maximum you are willing and able to spend as this will dictate how extensive of a remodel and the quality and quantity of appliances, cabinents and extras. Sometimes the price difference between keeping an existing floor plan vs moving plumbing, and electrical can be over $10,000 depending on the home's configuration and accessibility to the items to be changed. It is best to brainstorm and prioritize your renovation ideas.
  • Likes and don't likes. Spend time browsing websites, periodicals and stores and make a list of what you like. Take pictures to show us. We recommend searching Google for "new kitchen images". There are 1000s of pictures available for your review. Using the Internet is smart and you really expedite the planning process. What colors do you like? What style of cabinents appeal to you? What handles do you want?
  • Study your existing kitchen. Are the doorways too small? Is there are area or wall you can open up? What can be removed or "re purposed"  to add maximum storage or space? What changes can be made which don't require much effort, but would enhance the practicality of the kitchen
  • Think about traffic patterns. A range far away from a sink is not a good idea. Keep the chef's work space in mind!
  • Accessories. What drawers, hardware, pullout shelves, features would you like?
  • Lighting. The right lighting can make a huge difference. LED fixtures are relatively cheap, provide excellent light and say goodbye to changing out bulbs! Under counter ambience lighting is another option to consider and certainly adds a "wow" factor.
  • Ask us for help! We are able to guide you in the right direction. We completely understand that a kitchen project is a process. It typically takes months to narrow in on what you want. Luckily, we have the experience, resources and professional partners to expedite your planning process and provide ideas and insight that will turn your ideas and dreams into reality...within a budget you set.



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