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How to find a good remodeling contractor in SJ?

There are thousands of renovation contractors and other contractors serving New Jersey. How do you know who is good and who is not? Most of us have heard of contracting horror stories, but never think it can happen to you.... until it happens to you! Kitchen and bathroom renovations are often complex. It's a one time occurrence. Who do you trust? Who will give you peace of mind?

"I know it's 3 months, but I didn't have the right tools and my helpers didn't show up..."

How about family and friends? The plus is that you MAY save some money, but you are also jeopardizing the relationship not just with the individual, but with the rest of the family. In addition, often the cost of working with a friend or family member may cost more than double the originally planned amount. Often, a contractor must demo what was done wrong (Yes, a demo costs money) and redo the renovation correctly. Family and friends may be good for handyman work, but what if you are planning a kitchen renovation or a bathroom renovation? These are complex renovations and it is never fun to be without either for longer than needed. Experience is key to any larger home improvement project. With experience comes seasoned organizational skills, preparedness and peace of mind for the homeowner. In addition, an experienced contractor can shorten your search for what you are looking for by showing you previous projects or making suggestions which match your vision. Even referred contractors should be vetted. More often or not the difference between "Joe and a truck" and a licensed and insured renovation company is less than many think. What about permits? Are they needed? Well, that depends on the scope of work. A fly by night outfit or a lazy contractor won't go the extra mile due to the time and money involved. It doesn't make it right, however. What additional steps should be taken to vet a renovation contractor?
  • Search for online reviews? Absolutely, positively. Don't just look at the star ratings, but take the time to read them so you have a better feel as to what to expect.
  • Ask for references? Absolutely. A good kitchen or bath renovation company should be happy and proud to present you with references.
  • How about checking with the BBB? Absolutely a good idea.
  • **Another excellent hint of how professional a home renovation contractor is the written estimate. There are strict laws in place to protect the homeowner such as approximate start date, duration of project and outlines a definitive scope of work. Does the contract include the home improvement contractor's(HIC) number? By law it does.
  • Does the contractor get back to you quickly? Think about it. If a problem arises or you have a question, isn't it good to know you will get through or get a timely return call? Try testing your point of contact PRIOR to signing documents.
  • How about taking the time to visit a job site of a current project? Yes. It absolutely makes sense and you will also know what to expect. Wouldn't it be nice to meet "the guys" who will be working in your home?
  • Finally, is there ANY reason you are or would be uncomfortable working with the contractor? Trust should be earned. By due diligence being done in advance, you should enjoy not only the kitchen or bathroom remodel for years to come, but the renovation PROCESS as well. Hiring a contractor
There is one simple solution to these potential nightmares. Simply call All Seasons Quality Renovations at 609-321-0000. How can we help you?

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