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How to avoid a “crappy” bathroom remodel

    Living without a bathroom stinks. A bathroom remodel is not a simple procedure and is not completed without a "uncomfortableness".  A traditional bath renovation can last from 3 days to a month or longer depending on the complexity, location, new configuration of plumbing, etc... Planning a bathroom is very important. A bathroom remodel is a one time affair so you might as well maximize storage, aesthetics and practicality.  

A good bathroom design is important.

The older the home, the stranger the potential issues are. We recently renovated a bathroom in Beverly which had disconnected toilet and sink vents in the walls. The deterioration of the pipes and connections themselves was significant and needed to be replaced. By the looks of it, a plumber was simply lazy back in the 50s of 60s. It's good to have a plumber on speed dial when you run into such issues. Another common plumbing issue on a bath rehab is lack of shutoffs. Isn't that fun? This requires additional plumbing to avoid shutting off the main water supply. The timing of the demo and re-plumbing is important. Here are some other factors to think about prior to taking on a bathroom project:
  1. Demolition is a dirty job. Make sure to have a proper dust protection.
  2. Changes of existing the electrical configuration for safety and improved lighting.
  3. Is your home pre-1978? Could be lead based paint present.
  4. Uneven floors and walls are typical.
  5. Improperly pitched wet beds(Shower floors typically)
  6. Township inspections and paperwork.
  Also, one never knows what will be found behind closed walls. A bathroom remodel is like peeling back an onion. You never know what is under the 1st or 2nd layer. In addition, "ya don't know what ya don't know". This quote is relevant for materials. Is using the .79 cent tile at Home Depot good or is a better quality tile worth the extra money? What size and kind of bath fan is appropriate? What cabinets and/or vanity is best of all? What is the best place for discount, quality hardware? What grout is appropriate to use? What cost effective "wow" factor options do we have?   So what is the best way to avoid a "crappy bathroom remodel"? Hire a professional company with experience. Experience cannot be bought. Piggy backing on the experience of others makes you smart! In addition, there are many moving parts to a rehab. A general contractor streamlines the process, eliminates finger pointing between tradesmen and should complete the project in an efficient manner.   If you are considering a bathroom remodel in Southern New Jersey and would like to avoid a "crappy" experience, give us a call for a no-nonsense consultation. 609-321-0000.               Some factors involved are if permits are involved



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