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Home Performance Isn’t Just For Nerds

OK. I admit it. I am a little nerdish. I get excited when we are able to reduce leakage from 7300 cfm @ -30 pascal on test in to 4200 cfm @-50 pascal after work completed by re configuring the home's thermal boundary to eliminate smelly, dirty air traveling through the house via stack effect by using principles of physics. There is a small industry of scientists and common sense people who comprise the Home Performance industry. In a nutshell, Home Performance professionals believe in a  philosophy and a science based on the premise that homes should be safe, healthy, comfortable, durable, and efficient.   As a Home Performance specialist, I help homeowners avoid common, unintentional, negative conditions such breathing in mold, mildew, dust and carbon monoxide traveling throughout the house. Interested in finding out if you and your family have maximized comfort, savings and air quality. Call us today for your FREE comfort assessment. All Seasons Quality Renovations is a proud Gold Star Contractor with the Building Performance Institute. Would you like the following?: Comfort in the home -Energy Savings -Cleaner air -Increased home value    



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