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Go green! State of NJ will help you do it!

Everyone is going green these days and so can you!  Most NJ homeowners are not aware of the NJ clean energy program.  Home Performance with ENERGY STAR is your "whole-house" solution for a more energy efficient, comfortable, healthier and safer home.  A BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified contractor can perform an audit of your home's energy efficiency.  Using high tech devices, they will pinpoint exactly where the problem areas are and some of them will surprise you! Very often when it is too hot or too cold in the house, homeowners blame the HVAC system not working properly. However, in many cases the drafty spots in your house and poorly insulated attics, walls and crawlspaces are the culprits. To help you make your home much more energy efficient and comfortable, NJ Home Performance with energy star program has rebates available as well as 0% financing.  To find out if your home qualifies for the rebates, call us at 856 282 1200 to schedule a home audit. The assessment will be able to tell where you need insulation and whether your HVAC and hot water heater are working properly and efficiently Depending on test results, you may qualify for $2,000-4,000 in rebates. In addition to being green and comfortable, you will notice another pleasant side effect of your newly 'green energy' upgraded home - lower utility bills!



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