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Fly by the night contractors and how to avoid them…

We've all heard those nightmare stories of a home remodeling project and they usually include a bad contractor. What separates a good and bad contractor? Read below... A good contractor has an actual business address, updated website, license, insurance, reviews, references and pictures of past projects.  A good contractor will submit a professional proposal that includes reasonable terms of payment.  It is often tempting to go with the lowest bidder but experience has shown that more often than not, you wind up paying much more.  Do you research, don't be shy to ask for references and call them.  Visit them at their actual job site! A good contractor will not hesitate to invite you to see their latest project.  Trust your gut - if it seems too good to be true, most often it is! Communication is one of the most important parts of your home remodel.  A good contractor will answer his phone and return calls promptly.  You should have an approximate timeline of your project so you know what to expect and when. Promptness - a good contractor will start early in the morning and  on time!  They will also come prepared with most materials purchased so they can start the job without having to run out to a hardware store and waste time. Clean and organized - a good contractor will respect your home.  They will prepare your home prior to starting the job, cover furniture and protect floors.  They will leave the job site each day clean. Please remember that when it comes to a home project, there are many things that can and will go wrong - even if you have the best contractor. You don't know what you don't know!  The good news is that most of the time all of those issues can be fixed.  Understand that licensed contractors have a lot of expenses - they are not trying to gouge, they are just trying to cover their costs, make money and save you some as well! An understanding and educated customer is the best!  



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