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Bigger is better? 

One common misconception is that “Bigger is Always Better”. Many homeowners believe that a larger AC system will increase comfort and cool the house more efficiently.  In reality, the opposite is true for the great majority of units. Bigger is actually worse for numerous reasons. Firstly, your AC system operates exactly like an automobile. A vehicle which stops and starts frequently(city miles) will get less MPG than highway miles. The same is true with AC units. The "cycling" of your cooling system is very inefficient as it takes 8-10 minutes to reach its full efficiency. Sometimes this is the time it takes to satisfy a thermostat and the system shuts down again. Secondly, removing humidity is what provides an additional level of comfort. The continuous removal of humidity also reduces chances of mold to grow and increases air quality. Thirdly, a properly sized system maximizes its life expectancy and reduces the chance of service calls. The sizing of an air conditioner condenser is crucial to your famil's comfort and well being. We use a calculation called a "Manual J". A Manual J takes many factors into account such as, square footage, ceiling heights, windows and door square footage, attic and wall insulation, infiltration or leakiness, how many people live in the home, etc... How are we different than traditional heating and cooling companies? All Seasons Quality Renovations uses very strict sizing guidelines to assure your comfort and safety. Instead of simply replacing the equipment, we take a  "whole home approach". In short, we use our vast knowledge and experience to make sure the conditioned air gets to its intended destination by sealing ducts and checking a number of potential issues that restrict maximum comfort. The result of an All Season Quality HVAC project will allow you and your family to live in maximized comfort for many years. *Ask us about a 10 year labor warranty.



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