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5 Ways to Add Value to Your Home Through Renovation

Whether you are looking to increase your ROI or create a more comfortable space, a home renovation can be the perfect way to add value to your property. Here are five great renovations that can help you boost that price tag:

  1. Focus On Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations. When trying to add value to your property, it is important to focus the majority of your energy on kitchen and bathroom renovations. These kind of home renovations typically produce the highest ROI. Paying extra attention to the master bathroom is sure to please potential buyers and increase the value of your home.
  1. Create a Cohesive Style. A cohesive style can make an incredible difference to the value of your home by creating a more polished and high-end appearance. This cohesion can be achieved by selecting similarly designed fixtures and hardware throughout the bathroom and kitchen remodeling process.
  1. Upgrade Basic Safety Features. Homeowners appreciate the value and comfort of safety. For this reason, even upgrading the simplest safety features can add significant value to your property. A simple home renovation, such as a steel-reinforced door or a new garage door, can leave a great impression with potential homeowners.
  1. Enhance Curb Appeal. Even the most basic landscaping can make a huge difference towards the value of your home. Fresh painted patio trim, well-maintained plants, and proper lawn care will entice potential buyers and lead to a higher ROI.
  1. Choose Renovation Projects Carefully. There are some home renovation projects that should be avoided. Typically, these renovations are costly projects that ultimately increase the maintenance of a home. For example, renovations such as swimming pools typically produce a very low ROI because they become a high-maintenance addition.

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